chicago kiosk


While architecture is often conceived in abstract terms – idealized forms
arrived at through rational processes – it is also a craft, with haptic/material
When viewed as an ideal, the KIOSK is a pure assembly of platonic cubes.
When viewed as craft, the KIOSK is an embodiment of actions originating
from the hand.
We cannot deny the influence of either paradigm, and often see the negative
built results when architects focus on the purely formal/optic processes
(virtual-ideal) at the expense of the physical/haptic (material-real).
The KIOSK proposal is a rumination on the immediacy of sight, and the
temptation of touch – with the skyline of Chicago, and the landscape of the
waterfront as context – we embrace both the optics of architecture, but also
provide for the haptic engagement of the KIOSK as a sensual experience.