bike shop

  A downtown Toronto bikeshop to serve a new condo community offered a space that allowed our design to take advantage of height. An existing lowered slab in one area became the bike repair shop with a custom bent steel counter separating it from the […]

chicago kiosk

While architecture is often conceived in abstract terms – idealized forms arrived at through rational processes – it is also a craft, with haptic/material concerns. When viewed as an ideal, the KIOSK is a pure assembly of platonic cubes. When viewed as craft, the KIOSK […]

tidal light

  TIDAL LIGHT is a work of art invoking the poetry of water and light. It is a sculpted space that embodies light through water, a performance of light augmenting individual experience. The natural elements of water and light are gathered in the space of […]

yoga studio

  The Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto (AYCT), has a strong, large community of daily practitioners. They wanted to bring  more light into the practice space, improve air quality, provide more yoga mat storage and offer a treatment room for local body workers to share […]

childcare centres I and II

    Two neighboring childcare centres were aging and worn down. We completed these centres as a phased project with a total of 5,000 square feet. Now these sister centres care for approximately 90 children from infants to school-age. One goal was to offer white walls […]

gym to condos

We provided design and construction administration consultation with Dimitri Papatheodorou for a 3,000 sf renovation in a 1980’s Barton Myers building. The building’s gym was completely re-envisioned into three new condos for the building. Fourteen foot ceilings provide large, sunny loft-like spaces and the design supports an […]


We were approached by the Image Arts Department at Ryerson University. They asked us to assist them with a conceptual design package that could be used by the university’s facilities group to establish a budget for a much needed renovation to the IMA 307 theatre. In […]

crate & barrel

While at NBBJ, in the Retail Studio, several of Michelle’s projects were Crate & Barrel Homestores. The NBBJ team worked with the design team at Crate & Barrel and the landlord’s shell architects. Michelle’s responsibilities grew from team member to managing the projects, coordinating consultants, client relations and addressing site […]

vestibule no.1

The construction of these bellowing geometries act within the context of a given space allowing for manipulations of spatial configuration and sensory transformation. Working with the compression of the linearity of time and movement, while allowing for the senses to morph from the visual [approach] […]

the quincy*

* With a polite nod to A. Quincy Jones. A master of long, low sloping roofs… and producer of wonderful living spaces. The design of the Quincy birdhouse for the Tree Swallows who migrate and nest in Ontario is based on a square plan that […]

retail sketches

  These drawings are fine examples of the hand drawing that Michelle (Mahaney) Grant was doing at NBBJ in the radical 1990’s. She thinks she was listening to G.Love and Special Sauce while drawing these…. or perhaps Boy George.