the quincy*

competitions, object design

* Inspiration A. Quincy Jones; a master of long, low sloping roofs and producer of wonderful living spaces.
The design of the Quincy birdhouse for the Tree Swallows who migrate and nest in Ontario is based on a square plan that undergoes systematic geometric manipulation. Two adjacent walls are opened up from a typical perpendicular angle to an obtuse angle which formally contribute to a roof that slopes up and out toward the sun. The intent is to have the entrance side of the house facing East to welcome the sun to the nesting house. The sloped roof guides water off the main structure, and the overhang, which extends well beyond the East face at the Northeast corner, would prevent water from entering the main cavity.
The birdhouse is a basic sequential puzzle, and the super-graphic numbers indicate the order of construction. The entire assembly would connect with wood adhesive applied into a system of grooves. The final panel of the assembly slides out of its groove when required for cleaning.